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Welcome from Campaign

Gideon Spanier, Global head of media, Campaign


Chair’s Opening Remarks


Kathryn Jacob, Chief executive officer, Pearl & Dean
Sue Unerman, Chief transformation officer, MediaCom



State of media: Where is the greatest industry growth areas in the UK and globally?

  • The rising stars: an overview of the fastest growing brands in 2018 and what this means for incumbents business models
  • The evolving agency model: exploring the growing demand for marketing services and the impact on the agency model
  • Digital media, ad fraud and regulation: what are the greatest threats facing media owners in 2019?
Brian Wieser, Global president, business intelligence, GroupM

The Digital Advertising Duopoly: will 2019 be a game-changing year?

  • What restrictions will be imposed to online content and what does this mean for brands and media owners?
  • What does internet regulation mean for online advertising?
  • The likely impact on regulation of the internet of the UK leaving the European Union
Damian Collins MP, Chair, Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee


The Media360 Big Interview: The Asda story- adaptation, agency reviews and the rise of ecommerce

In this exclusive interview, Campaign’s Global editor-in-chief Claire Beale, will quiz marketing leader Andy Murray on his last 3 years at the helm of one of the largest supermarkets in the UK. Andy will reflect on his time and journey at Asda and the lessons he has learnt during his tenure.
  • Bringing media and creative together: lessons learnt from co-locating two agencies and what drove those decisions
  • Tough times on the high street: how do marketers need to adapt to weather the retail storm?
  • Creating change for good: Asda’s social purpose platform
Andy Murray, Chief customer officer, Asda
Claire Beale, Global editor-in-chief, Campaign


Future of advertising: living in a connected world

  • The emergence of connected TV: What does personalisation scale mean for brand and consumer relationships?
  • Combining data and AI to enhance digital advertising and free up time for true creativity
  • Lets fast forward 5 years: transformation of media and future growth areas in advertising
Anna Forbes: UK General manager, Tradedesk
  11:10 – 11:40 Morning Refreshments and Networking
  11:40 – 12:10 Hubs
Voice: The untapped opportunity

  • Exploring new opportunities for consumer engagement through voice- what does this medium offer that previous new media did not?
  • Defining your brand voice and remaining culturally relevant.
  • What will drive solid adoption of voice and how can brands utilise this medium?
Sophie Scott, Professor of cognitive neuroscience, University College London
Addressable TV Advertising
The Big Screen just got better! Creating a better, more personal TV experience

  • Tactics on how to successfully utilise addressable TV for brand and performance.
  • What level of personalisation is appropriate for your brand.
  • How to use addressable alongside other media channels- how does it fit into overall AV strategy?
Joel Wilkinson, Senior director, brand solutions, Finecast
Brand & Performance
My advertising story: A brand disruptor inside a performance focused business

  • Two cultures colliding- how can a brand marketer succeed in a data heavy, performance led world?
  • Brand meets performance and data- delivering creative work based on customer insights.

Gav Thompson, Chief customer officer, Boden
  12:20 – 12:50 Hubs
Top Of The Pods: How to take advantage of the podcast explosion
  • From forgotten medium to burgeoning market – why podcasts are an advertiser’s dream
  • From comedy to current affairs – how to grow a hit podcast
  • Thinking laterally – opportunities beyond the podcast (live events, cross-media formats)
  • How to build a successful podcast strategy for brands – including scale, targeting and personalisation
Susie Warhurst, Global head of content, Acast
Richard Herring, Podcaster, comedian and writer

Marketing Effectiveness

Supercharge Your Marketing Analytics


    As a modern-day marketer you’re engaging your consumers across email, social, paid channels and more. The advertising technology stack is constantly evolving, and measuring the impact of your advertising and marketing efforts is not always an easy task. Join the session to hear real-life customer stories and learn how you can measure, report, and optimize across every touchpoint with Datorama, the newest member of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
Kourosh Eliyon, Account executive, Datorama, a Salesforce company

CMO Strategy Hub

CMO strategies: Winning long-term marketing investment from the board and delivering tangible ROI
  • Dispelling the ‘brand’ v ‘performance’ myth that harms long-term success
  • Proving the shareholder value of investing in a strong, differentiated brand that consumers love
  • The role of consumer understanding and data in delivering exceptional ROI
Mark Walker, Marketing director, Attest

Claire Cronin, Chief marketing officer, Virgin Atlantic

  12:50 – 13:50 Networking lunch


Advertisers taking control: why brands are bringing marketing services in-house

Lack of transparency in a murky digital supply chain, integration of marcomms capabilities and a need for greater control of customer data has driven CMOs to question their agency relationships and operating models. In this case-study led talk, attendees will hear the drivers for changing and adapting models, the challenges of changing internal and external ways of working and results so far.

Case study: Bringing marketing and digital media capabilities in-house

  • Identifying what marketing services businesses can and should in-house
  • What are the key steps to successfully manage the transition and what pitfalls should CMOs be aware of?
  • Results to date- what efficiencies, cost and output improvements are brands starting to see, if any?

Q&A and interactive polling

Rich Lallo, Head of digital marketing, Holland & Barrett
Jeremy Leonard, Chief executive, LEAD

Brand and Performance – what mix is right for your business

Les Binet and Peter Field’s latest research for the IPA has concluded that the optimum media mix should be based on the 60:40 model. But with economic uncertainty and quarterly reporting, CMO’s are faced with increasing pressure from the board to deliver on shareholder requirements in the short term- but is this to the detriment of long-term gains?

In these quick fire case studies, attendees will gain insider knowledge on what is driving the media approach of businesses at different life stages and what channels and tactics are working depending on their size, scale and objectives.

  • What is driving the media approach of businesses at different life stages and what results is their media activity yielding?
  • Building a long term brand strategy: understanding what drives young businesses to shift investment from performance to brand building and vice versa
  • How are CMOs in different sectors working with agencies as their needs shift?

Rajeev Goel, Co-Founder and CEO, PubMatic

Jim Warren, VP of marketing, Bloom & Wild

Sara Bennison, Chief marketing officer, Nationwide


Matching online metrics to offline outcomes

How does a brand founded in 1706 operate in a digital world?

Marketing practices have changed a fair bit since then and Twinings have since become one of the leading FMCG household brands, facing all the problems which come with operating in the 21st century. Notably, how do you measure the impact of digital spend on shifting tea in stores? Join Twinings and their media agency, the7stars, to learn how they worked to achieve this.

David Mills, Connections marketing, Twinings
Zoe Haywood, Client lead, the7stars
Pete O’Mara-Kane, General manager, LoopMe

  15:05 – 15:35 Hubs

Reimagining Partnerships
Utilising the power of partnerships to deliver brand and business results
  • Forging partnerships to connect with audiences and drive business results
  • Utilising these partnerships to build a multi-channel approach
Pete Markey, Chief marketing officer, TSB Bank David Weeks, Executive director, The Week
OOH Advertisting
Digital OOH: transforming the power and impact of the medium
  • Hear how Diageo have revolutionised their approach to OOH through data, digital and creative optimisation
  • Exploring how Diageo have leveraged data and technology to execute DOOH campaigns
  • Developing agile OOH models that delivers greater long term business results for brands
Gill Huber, Chief client officer, Posterscope Iwona Woodman, Head of media planning, Diageo
Brand positioning
This session believes purpose has no purpose in marketing
    In this highly charged debate, we will hear two arguments on the business case for purpose driven marketing. The audience members will cast a pre- debate vote on the motion, they will then vote again once the debate has ended.
Susie Warhurst, Global head of content, Acast , Founder, The Unmistakables
  15:35 – 16:00 Afternoon refreshments and networking

Panel discussion: Consumers’ quest for convenience – embrace digital first or risk getting left behind

  • How do advertisers and marketers need to adapt in an increasingly e-commerce world?
  • The opportunities of advertising through Amazon- what does this product powered search engine mean for businesses?
Maisie McCabe, Deputy editor, Campaign
Iain Preston, Executive client services director EMEA, R/GA
Kristof Fahy, Chief marketing officer (Interim), Checkatrade.com
Nathan Ansell, Marketing director, Marks and Spencer
Ben Sutherland, Chief digital officer, Diageo

The science behind building a healthy and creative media culture

  • Understanding the challenges of working in advertising and marketing based on survey results of media professionals.
  • Exploring how to drive creativity and reduce burnout by unpicking the latest in psychological research.
Bruce Daisley, VP EMEA, Twitter

Chair’s Closing Remarks


Close of Day One


Drinks reception on the British Airways i360, hosted by Teads

    Prepare to be treated to amazing views, delicious drinks and canapés, brilliant entertainment AND some very exciting goodies by our partner Teads. Media360 drinks reception will be served 138 meters up, on the British Airways i360 – the world’s tallest moving observation tower, conceived and designed by the creators of the London Eye.

Media360 & PR360 Gala Dinner

    Welcome from Kevin Costello, Group CEO, Haymarket Media Group followed by our after dinner speaker for the evening Amol Rajan, BBC Media Editor


Media360 After-Party Featuring Mr Wilson’s Second Liners

    • “Quintessential New Orleans meets 90s club classics… a rave funeral without the body”.
    We are delighted to announce our after-party entertainment will feature the fantastic Mr Wilson’s Second Liners. This rabble of mischievous northerners expend their collective musical talent and pay homage to the diehard days of the Hacienda. (90s club culture and it’s greatest hero, Mr. Tony Wilson.)

Breakfast and Networking


Welcome from Campaign​

Gideon Spanier, Global head of media, Campaign


Chair’s Opening Remarks


Kathryn Jacob, Chief executive officer, Pearl & Dean

Sue Unerman, Chief transformation officer, MediaCom


The B-word: can industry thrive post – Brexit?

  • Deal or no deal: A look back over the past 3 years to explore how much could have been avoided
  • What does the future hold for advertising and business in a post – Brexit climate?
  • What can industry learn from past macroeconomic shocks and technological disruption in order to weather the Brexit storm?
  • Exploring examples of how political change and economic pressures can lead to creative thinking
Lord Daniel Finkelstein OBE, Columnist and associate editor, The Times


Panel discussion: Building trust in advertising – the good the bad and the troublesome

  • Outlining the breakthrough research on uncovering the reasons for the decline in public trust and the key findings on consumers’ opinion.
  • Next steps: The action plan for brands, agencies and media owners for rebuilding public trust in advertising.
Nick Baughan, Director of agencies, Facebook
Karen Fraser MBE, Director and head of strategy, Credos
Stephen Woodford, Chief executive, Advertising Association
Mark Evans, Managing director, marketing & digital, Direct Line
Tracy De Groose, Executive chair, Newsworks

Modern advertising: Building a framework of value and respect between industry and consumers

  • Modern advertising principles: Developing a mutually beneficial relationship between advertisers, media owners and audiences
  • Modern advertising metrics: Raising standards in meaningful measurement
  • Modern advertising collaboration:What shifts are we seeing in the media owner and brand relationship?
Hamish Nicklin, Chief revenue officer, The Guardian
Claire Hilton, Managing director, global brand & insight, Barclays

Morning refreshments and Networking

  11:20 – 11:50 Hubs

Artificial Intelligence

The application of artificial intelligence to inform creative decisions
  • Lexus AI scripted ad – exploring the key drivers and motivations for producing this advert, delivery and results.
  • Real world application of AI in advertising and contextual opportunities- what are the future opportunities for brands?
  • AI driven decision making- impact on agencies and brands.

The China Opportunity

The growth opportunity for western brands in China
  • Exploring the opportunity for brands in China – where are the growth areas?
  • What market complexities do brands need to consider when entering China?
  • Media planning and budget allocation – evaluating the major platforms and niche channels and what they bring to your overall advertising and distribution strategy

CMO strategy hub

CMO strategies: breaking down silos internally and externally
  • Examples of how brands are breaking down silos, both internally and with agency partners.
  • Bringing media and creative closer together – what closer collaboration means for the quality and delivery of work.
  • What are the challenges of co-location?
  12:00 – 12:30 Hubs

Data alignment

Panel discussion: Identity Resolution – the Pivot Point of a Data-driven Marketing Strategy
  • What are the main challenges brands encounter when developing a data-driven strategy?
  • A look at industry shifts in recent years towards identity as a marketing concept
  • How identity resolution drives a unified customer view across every channel.

Local v global

The secrets behind Brand USA’s successful localisation strategy
  • Exploring the mechanics behind how the world’s biggest tourism brand adapted its messaging to remain culturally relevant in multiple markets
  • How important is localisation when it comes to content creation?
  • Taking a look at effective methods for utilising different mediums across diverse markets to achieve campaign goals

Influencer marketing

The Fyre Festival fiasco- has it killed influencer marketing?
  • Celebrity endorsement vs influencer marketing – has Fyre Festival made the public question the trustworthiness of tier 1 influencers?
  • How AI programs can enable businesses to find true online partners.
  • The M word – developing a measurement framework to understand the true value of influencer marketing

Matthieu Danielou: Product manager, Synthesio

  12:30 – 13:30 Networking Lunch

Renegade stage: The marketing strategy of industry disruptors

  • Revolutionary approaches – how are disruptors building brands in new ways?
  • Aligning brand positioning and sales driven activities to gain market share
Kuba Wieczorek, Chief creative officer and co-founder, Eve Sleep
Cheryl Calverley, Chief marketing officer, Eve Sleep

Media challenge: which medium has the brightest future?

    Media is facing a pivotal year. Global’s acquisition spree poses the question – what does this mean for digital out of home and radio? The Meteoric rise of podcasts. Addressable TV allowing personalisation at scale. The Ozone Project and what this means for advertisers. And the continued importance on digital media. These are exciting times for the media and advertising industry – but which medium promises the brightest future for advertising?
Rachel Bristow, Partnership director, Sky Media
Joanna Lawrence, Managing director, strategy & client development, The Telegraph
Jane Wolfson, Chief agency officer, Hearst
Nick Russell, Director of creative content, Global
Ian Edwards, Director of planning, Facebook
Dino Myers-Lamptey, Founder, TBS
Tom Linay, Content business director, DCM
Nigel Clarkson, Director of commercial, OOH, Global

Chair’s closing Remarks


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