Welcome from Campaign

Gideon Spanier, Editor-in-Chief, Campaign


Live Roundtable: What’s on the mind of the CMO?

Gain a front row seat to an intimate roundtable discussion with a group of leading brand marketers in the UK 

  • How can brands get to grips with understanding their customer experience during a period of constant flux? 
  • Preparing your business for a new tone and voice that reflects new post-lockdown customer values  
  • Taking stock of why D&I initiatives have failed to result in real change 
Matthew Barwell, CMO, Britvic
Shira Feuer, CMO, Trinny London
John Burke, CMO, Bacardi
Pamela Brown, CMO, Vodafone Smart Tech
Steve Axe, CMO, Nomad Foods
Maisie McCabe, UK Editor, Campaign


Spotlight on British Vogue: How the British Fashion Bible tackled the challenges of creating during lockdown

Fireside Chat

Vanessa Kingori MBE, Publishing Director, Vogue
Gideon Spanier, Editor-in-Chief, Campaign

 11:20             Session Break (showcasing some of 2021’s most groundbreaking ads)



How addressable TV can solve your business challenges

Join Robyn Christison of Finecast, Eve Thompson of Wavemaker and Sander Moeyaert of Perrigo to gain insights on the use cases and key business challenges that addressable TV can solve.  In this fireside chat, they will take you through the journey of how they worked together to build out an advanced and innovative Addressable TV partnership for Perrigo, with a deep dive into their successful campaigns

Robyn Christison, Engagement Director, Finecast

Eve Thompson, Media Lead, AV, Wavemaker

 Sander Moeyaert,  Associated Marketing Director, Perrigo


 11:45          Session Break 



Growing your business in an environment of change and uncertainty 

Panel Discussion

  • Why embracing innovation and de-siloing teams is the key to creating a strong working culture in a virtual work environment 
  • How to take advantage of the fact that consumers are willing to adopt new behaviours and solutions 
  • How to avoid mistaking interim changes as predictors of the future 

Trevor Johnson, Head of Marketing GBS Europe, Tik Tok 

Gemma Charles, Deputy Editor, Campaign

Joanna Lawrence, Managing Director, Partnerships, Telegraph Media Group

Jamelia Donaldson, Founder, TreasureTress

Sue Frogley, CEO, Publicis Media



Why the pandemic helped outdoor media redefine its purpose and role in local communities 

Channel spotlight

Colin Horan, Client Partner, Clear Channel UK


 12:35             Networking lunch 



Making marketing measurable and dealing with the demise of the third party cookie  

Ignite Session

What is the untapped data available from tools like google analytics  that is not being used?

Andrew Smith, MD, Escherman

Examining how data can help us unlock the positive opportunity of diversity

Jerry Daykin, Senior Media Director, GSK

Panel Discussion:
  • Why historic data can no longer be relied upon to predict future trends 
  • Measuring what matters-do we know what this is? 
  • With cookies set to disappear by 2022, what are the more traditional methods that could save the day? 
  • Why measurement should be used to assist marketing teams with financial planning

Fayola Douglas, Senior reporter, Campaign


 14:00          Session Break 



Why the industry is still failing to attract diverse talent  

Soapbox Session

  • More action less talk: one simple step that can help to attract a wider pool of talent into your business 
  • Shaping your internal and external messaging so that it is encouraging inclusivity 
  • How to empower representatives from minority ethnic backgrounds across your teams
Shanice Mears, Co Founder, The Elephant Room

 14:15          Session Break



The year experiential went virtual: four top tips and tricks to make the transition to digital events and activations

Panel Discussion

  • Take advantage of the technology at your disposal 
  • Let consumer behaviour be your guide
  • Prioritise and communicate safety and ease 
  • Create joy, intimacy and surprise 

Amale Galbhouni, Experience Director, Siegel and Gale

Lucy Edwards, Marketing Manager, UK &IE, Spotify

James Wallman, Founder, World Experience Organization

Mark Kirkham, VP/GM Sports, Energy and Juice, Pepsico



 The future of the high street in an eCommerce world

  • Why shopping alone will not be enough to lure shoppers back to the high street 
  • How to build seamless online to offline experiences to remove barriers for consumers 
  • Navigating safety concerns, curating inventory and using technology to create a truly modern shopping experience 


Why ecommerce ≠ emarketing

  • In a world without physical availability, mental availability becomes paramount
  • Virtual brands must look beyond online performance marketing to grow
  • TV is ecommerce’s shop window
  • Learn how ecommerce brands supercharge their growth with TV
Matt Hill, Research and Planning Director, Thinkbox

 15:35         Session Break



Getting to grips with how data driven campaigns point to a new way to talk about travel

Panel Discussion

  • How data can help us to understand what is on the mind of the travel consumer: how will the world choose to buy travel post pandemic?
  • Curating messages that combine destination marketing with global travel retail to help kickstart the industry
  • Examining a few case studies that illustrate the future of travel marketing and utilising partnerships with influencers, brands and mobile games

Fletcher Whitwell, Chief Media and Publishing Officer, R&R Partners, A Worldwide Partners Agency

Humphrey Ho, Managing Director, Hylink China, A Worldwide Partners Agency

Fayola Douglas, Senior reporter, Campaign



Chair’s closing remarks