Chair’s opening remarks



How to cultivate brand loyalty by putting your customer first

  • Why consumers value speed, convenience and safety above all else
  • Will this be a permanent change post lockdown? 
  • What is brand interactivity, and why does it matter? 
Sharon Hegarty, Marketing Director, Samsung


Why Ageism shouldn’t have a place in the modern media business

Soapbox session

Speaker to be confirmed


Hear quick pitches from some of the industry’s most exciting startups

Start-up showcase

  • How these startups have managed to reach new customers
  • Why crises make great startup incubators 
  • How can larger more traditional brands adopt a startup culture?

Speaker to be confirmed


 10:50         Session Break



How video and social have taken 2020 by storm, and  the brands that benefitted


Channel Spotlight

Speaker to be confirmed



Why media creatives need to do things differently

Aidan Goh, Account Director, OMD


Examining the relationship between eCommerce, Social media and Marketing

Speaker to be confirmed

 12:15         Networking Lunch


Is everybody purpose washed out?

Panel Discussion

  • Is your purpose messaging in the hands of the right team? 
  • How striving for perfection could leave your business in a rut 
  • Have brands left sustainability out in the cold? And how to fix this Con

Speaker to be confirmed


 13:35        Session Break



The power of audio: why audiences have tuned in during lockdown in record numbers

Channel Spotlight

Speaker to be confirmed



What effect will new forms of programmatic advertising have on media budgets in the future?

Panel Discussion

  • Have the promises of real-time optimization been fulfilled so far?
  • How programmatic can help advertisers to take advantage of topical  moments and reflect consumer sentiment
  • Is AI taking the magic out of marketing? 

Speaker to be confirmed


 14:55         Session Break



Maintaining brand relevance in an age of disruption

Fireside chat

Raja Rajamannar, CMO, Mastercard 



Employing an effective customer retention model to increase conversion and engagement

Case study

  • Gain deeper insights about your audience to reactivate and upsell 
  • Implement a successful cross-channel strategy to make existing customers continue spending
  • Retain your audience engagement and satisfaction using crucial measurement tools and techniques

Sam Taylor, Head of Group Commercial/Performance Marketing, Direct Line Group



Chair’s closing remarks and close of conference