9-10 May 2019, The Grand, Brighton, UK

We’re currently putting together the agenda for 2018 and this will be published shortly.
Please see below the key sessions that will be featured on the main stage.

If you are interested in becoming a speaker at the event, please contact suzanne.costello@haymarket.com
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Key Sessions 2018

Short term wins or long term gains? The great effectiveness conundrum

In VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) times, marketers, often under pressure to deliver results, veer towards short-term tactics for quick gains. The effectiveness imbalance between brand building and activation means that brands are in danger of being eroded, affecting their profitability and shareholder value. How can we as an industry work together to champion the power of brands to deliver long-term value and combat short-termist thinking?

Reinventing the agency model

Ongoing transparency issues, digital disruption, the new breed of advertiser who is taking control of his own data, the rise of the consultancies and the effect of Brexit…media agencies are under more pressure than ever to reimagine their value proposition. Our panel will look at the agency model from all sides and try to find a clear path ahead for reinvention.

Digital standards revolution – audiences, advertising and the vital importance of objectivity in measurement

The events of 2017 proved that digital advertising’s key stakeholders – audiences, advertisers, agencies, platforms and media owners – must find more common ground. Central to that process is the need to be more rigorous when it comes to definitions and standards, not least in the area of metrics and measurement. This session will look at ways to ensure that audience data standards are fit-for-purpose in a dynamically complex multi-device world and emphasise the importance of measuring the behaviour of people, not machines.

Reimagining the consumer experience

The rise in digital culture means that the passive consumer has become the active participant, expecting frictionless, personalised, on-demand gratification. Reaching this empowered audience is no longer as simple as grabbing that prime-time 30-second spot. How are advertisers reimagining their offerings to satisfy increasing consumer demands?

Unleashing the power in difference: harnessing diversity and inclusion

Despite a major drive to tackle the industry’s diversity and inclusion problem, there is still a long way to go, especially when it comes to physical and learning disabilities. In a world where it has been proved beyond doubt that difference leads to improved business performance, why are the creative industries still an impenetrable space for all too many, and how can we tackle bias and preconceptions to achieve greater balance?

What does AI mean for creativity in the future?

The parameters of creativity are being redefined. Technological advances are ushering in a new wave of possibilities for brands, enabling greater connection with customers and the world around them. But these shiny new tools are only as good as the humans operating them. Could this “renaissance in creativity” by hindered by human resistance and negativity bias – and with good reason?

Brexit, brands and business – threats and opportunities

What is the economic outlook, and how should this affect our planning? How are brands, media owners and agencies preparing for the impact of Brexit?  Will new immigration rules pose a real threat to the UK’s position as the world’s leading global advertising hub, and what are the opportunities for growth in a new UK-EU relationship?