Aaron Cole

SpecialityCMO, THE OUT - powered by Jaguar Land Rover
CMO, THE OUT - powered by Jaguar Land Rover

Aaron Cole, Chief Marketing Officer, THE OUT, powered by
Jaguar Land Rover.

Lauded as “the ultimate car rental” by GQ Magazine, THE OUT is an online on-  demand car rental service delivering and
collecting cars across London and beyond. Renters get
unlimited mileage, additional drivers and insurance, and all
journey essentials included. Aaron runs all marketing for the
innovative service, across all media and touchpoints.
Personally motivated by the intersection of business,
marketing, creativity and technology, Aaron is an extremely
experienced chief marketing officer, with a high level
background that spans all segments of the industry. Before
THE OUT, Aaron held senior roles at some of the most
celebrated ad agencies ever (Fallon, Mother, and Wieden+Kennedy, all in London), and was also one of the founding partners of fintech focused  multidisciplinary PR agency Common Industry.

The work he’s spearheaded has won countless press attention and industry awards, and Aaron is a Strategic Advisor at Good Brains for Good Brands, a pro bono creative community designed to serve registered charities, not-for-profits, NGOs, impact organisations, and social enterprises with a cause at their heart.

Aaron Cole // THE OUT

Talking Points
– How THE OUT is continuing to disrupt the tired rental industry
– How aspects of the renting/sharing economy are continuing to flourish post
– How THE OUT facilitates spontaneous, flexible travel – exactly what’s needed
amongst the post Coronavirus uncertainties
– The growth in areas of the UK travel industry as a result of COVID-19 e.g. rental
– The impact that the previous peak of staycations has had on the travel industry –
focus on London
– Insights behind consumer holiday behaviours, particularly as a result of COVID
– What a modern traveller looks like in 2022, post pandemic e.g. Spontaneous, Ultra
Planners etc.
– Modern marketing for DTC / Luxury brands
– Looking ahead
– The battles of access over ownership
– Future of EV and PHEV (Hybrid) travel