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Welcome from Campaign

Gideon Spanier, Global head of media, Campaign



Chair’s opening remarks



The Big Interview: Growing through disruptive times


Voted as the Best Bank in Britain after only 5 years of operation, Starling Bank is the challenger brand par excellence. Leveraging the power of multiple channels and platforms, in a time of economic and political disruption, we have a lot to learn from their success. 

  • Driving growth in the climate of emerging channels and direct to consumer brands
  • The importance of brand building in a digital-first category
  • Maintaining a test-and-learn approach to innovation and progress in the face of disruption

Rachael Pollard, Chief growth officer, Starling Bank


In media we trust? Data, targeting and regulations in media post-2020


Panel discussion

    • What is the industry doing to protect consumer privacy and improve the trustworthiness of news, information and media?
    • What does the future hold for ad serving, ad-buying, and consumer targeting?
    • What infrastructure will support the cookie-less future if real-time bidding is no longer available?

David Wilding, Director of planning, Twitter UK
Nick Baughan, Director of agencies UK&I, Facebook
Margot James, Former minister of state, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport



Do brands care enough about what their advertising is funding?

    • Understanding your supply chain for greater transparency, brand safety, and ethical practice
    • Quality over quantity: investing in brand building to generate long-term results and buy-in on your values from consumers
    • How can ethical practice generate a more sustainable business model and drive revenue?
    • Advertising’s under-appreciated role in helping to fund journalism and the implications for democracy and media plurality

Tracy De Groose, Executive chair, Newsworks



Building resilience and future-proofing your brand through purpose led advertising

    • Responding to today’s audience to stay ahead of the competition and stay relevant
    • Building a sustainable brand in every sense for the conscientious consumer

Sebastian Munden, Executive vice president & general manager, Unilever

  11:30 Morning Refreshments and Networking
  12:00 Hub sessions ​

Delivering meaningful advertising with diverse campaigns

  • How diversity delivers real results for brand affinity and to the bottom-line
  • Championing a commitment to inclusive campaigns that represent diverse communities

Creativity in the modern media ecosystem


Join this interactive panel to look back over the truly impactful advertising campaigns from 2010 and 2020 that had a competitive edge through creativity and innovation.

  • What made it a success?
  • Which channels were used?
  • How was the creative translated?

Discuss your expectations for the next decade in creative and media to make the ‘roaring twenties’ the greatest decade of all.

Ben Hawley, Marketing director, Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM)
Sarah Helppi, Marketing director, eBay
Jo Cooke, Director of brand and health, Cancer Research UK

Audience insights: an art or a science?

  • Generating profound yet scalable insights for maximum business impact
  • Ensuring effective brand messaging by understanding more about your audience
  • What data sets can tell us to test and optimise media placement more creatively
  12:30 Networking lunch
  13:30 Hub Sessions

Huawei's 'Humanly Possible': Amplifying creative campaigns with cutting-edge technology for a truly unique brand identity

  • Retaining creativity in the era of tech: bringing together human creativity with technology for a truly disruptive and modern campaign
  • How to deliver creative campaigns that integrate multiple channels and platforms for maximum consumer reach
  • Translating the ‘big idea’ into reality: valuing, nurturing and recognising truly creative and disruptive marketing strategies
Andrew Garrihy, Global chief brand officer, Huawei
Lilian Bours, Brand and brand partnerships director, Huawei

Creative and media: a happy marriage or a collision of two worlds?

  • Best-practice examples of creative and media agencies working together to deliver great outcomes for clients
  • Creativity vs programmatic: how to retain innovation and originality across channels to stand out from the crowd
  • Measuring the effectiveness of creative across different formats to demonstrate tangible results 

Long-term partnership goals: sharing behavioural data

  • Data partnerships: what information and data can be shared?
  • What behavioural data can media owners and advertisers access to build effective campaigns?
  • How to achieve data collaboration at-scale to grow through change with a sustainable model 
David Billings, Global head of programmatic and social, Dunnhumby
Alexander Wade, Partner, media and marketing manager, Huawei
  14:10 Hub Sessions

What can addressable TV advertising offer for brands?

  • How are brands effectively using the addressable TV channel?
  • Will TV be able to offer hyper-targeted advertising and personalisation in 2020?
  • Which brands are adopting addressable TV across the industry?

Game changer: the rise of eSports and what it means for advertisers

The next generation of advertising is here. Are you game?
Join this session to learn why and how brands can get involved in video game advertising.

  • Best-practice examples of creative and media agencies working together to deliver great outcomes for clients
  • Creativity vs programmatic: how to retain innovation and originality across channels to stand out from the crowd
  • Measuring the effectiveness of creative across different formats to demonstrate tangible results

Digital advertising 2.0. Is the industry prepared for a cookie-less future?

  • How can brands target and engage with consumers in the era of data privacy?
  • What behavioural data can media owners and advertisers access to build effective campaigns?
  • How will brands crack digital media if the real-time market disappears?
  • How might organisations manage third party data in a cookie-less future?

Mark Evans, Managing director, marketing, digital, Direct Line



Rebuilding a brand from the inside out

  • Reinventing your model in the midst of rising competition and in the wake of reputational damage
  • Winning back your consumers in tough economic circumstances by putting them at the heart of your media strategy
  • Personalising your storytelling using data and a range of channels to improve reputation and build your brand

Nick Ashley, Head of media, Tesco
Emma Botton, Group marketing communications director, Tesco


The Power of Data: Unlocking Consumer Insights and Real-Time Optimisation

Although 90% of the world’s data has existed for only 2 years, it has revolutionised how businesses operate. Yet, while 92% of marketers consider their businesses to be data-driven, less than a third are optimising their advertising investments in real-time.

Showcasing their latest research report ‘The Truth Behind the Data-Driven Fiction’, LoopMe will provide valuable insights into how the use of data and AI drives brand outcomes.

Sarah Rew, International marketing director, LoopMe

Building a market disruptor which delivers on scale and on the bottom-line

  • How are DTC brands building a profitable, scalable and sustainable business model?
  • What can established businesses learn and apply from the success of DTC brands?
  • How can brands achieve scale, impact, and profits by leveraging market disruptor models?

Chris Pitt, Chief marketing officer, HSBC

  16:10 Afternoon refreshments and networking​


The changing role of the media and marcomms industries in future-proofing brands


For the first time Media360 delegates will be joined by PR360, Performance Marketing 360 and Brand Experience 360 delegates for a closing keynote.

    • Connecting brands with consumer values to future-proof your business
    • The vision for 2020: what does the future hold for building brands?
    • Uniting creativity with data to deepen engagement with brands and ensure longevity


End of conference day



Drinks reception on the British Airways i360, hosted by Teads


Prepare to be treated to amazing views, delicious drinks and canapés and some brilliant entertainment by our partner Teads. Media360 drinks reception will be served 138 meters up, on the British Airways i360 – the world’s tallest moving observation tower, conceived and designed by the creators of the London Eye.



Gala dinner



Trust in media, institutions, and brands: What is the future of communications?



Afterparty and entertainment



Breakfast and networking



Welcome from Campaign​


Gideon Spanier, Global head of media, Campaign



Chair’s opening remarks



Using behavioural insights to nudge consumer behaviour and influence decision-making

  • Adopt a consumer-first approach to boost audience engagement to impact results on the bottom-line
  • Apply key principles of behavioural economics to influence buying behaviours and emotional impact for consumers
  • Appeal to wider audiences as part of a global campaign with a deeper understanding of the differences between audiences

    Using behavioural insights to nudge consumer behaviour and influence decision-making


Rory Sutherland, Vice chairman, Ogilvy


Can the industry retain creativity at scale in a fragmented media landscape?


Panel discussion

    • Overcoming digital disruption: in which channels can you be creative?
    • What does the next decade hold in store for creativity in the face of the duopoly?
    • What does internet regulation mean for advertising in the short and long term?

LLoyd Page, Marketing director, Moneysupermarket
Jerry Daykin, Head of media EMEA, GSK
Tracy Abraham, Marketing director, The AA


Thriving in disruption: driving business growth with agility and creativity


    • Driving business and audience growth in the face of new tech giants and changing viewer habits
    • Global vs local: tailored advertising strategies for personalised and addressable TV at scale
    • Creative renewal in an increasingly programmatic and tech-driven landscape across the media mix

Alex Mahon, Chief executive officer, Channel 4



Morning refreshments and networking


  11:30 Hub Sessions

Exploring the strategic potential and impact of podcasts

  • Capitalising on the potential of native advertising offered by podcasts
  • Adopting podcasts as part of an integrated multi-channel campaign
  • Understanding the metrics and measurement for podcasts to future-proof media plans

Gavin Johnson, Managing director, JOE Media
Fox, Marketing and creative director, Pukka Tea
Louise Yankovic-Jenkins, UK Marketing director, John Frieda

Utilising consumer insights to plan & execute DOOH campaigns


The dynamic and targeted content of digital out-of-home campaigns are one of the most cost-effective and impactful ways to reach your audience, but:

  • How are brands using data insights and analytics to get OOH further down the funnel?
  • What data can OOH capture and utilise?
  • Programmatic in OOH: will automated media buying go mainstream in 2020?

Measuring the ROI of your media spend to demonstrate impact to the board

  • Building a full understanding of the funnel and where to spend for a holistic channel strategy
  • Moving beyond attribution and econometrics modelling to more agent-based modelling
  • Demonstrating impact through data consolidation, visualisation, reporting and analysis

Leadership and brand building: moving beyond short-term KPIs


  12:10 Hub Sessions

The impact of influencer marketing on the bottom line

  • Measurement frameworks: how are brands measuring the ROI of influencer spend?
  • Creativity and innovation: which brands are doing something new and different in this space?
  • The role of influencers: what part do they play within a wider campaign?

Changing at pace: multi-stranded and holistic TV campaign strategies

  • How are the viewing habits of consumers shifting?
  • How are advertisers accessing viewers through other platforms?
  • What is the industry doing to rectify the VOD data-sharing gap?

Big Brother: the ethics of personalisation

  • When does targeting and personalisation go too far and impacts audience trust?
  • What are the regulatory updates for data privacy and targeting?
  • Who decides how businesses use data in the age of addressable and personalisation?
  • What are the merits and drawbacks of targeting tightly vs keeping audience targeting broad and reach based?

Paul Rowlinson, Managing director, GroupM
Christine Maguire, VP Global Advertising Revenue, TripAdvisor
Sharon Marshall, Director EMEA partnerships, Google

  12:40 Networking Lunch


The future of E-commerce: platforms or owned commerce channels?


• How brands build a direct link with consumers to build data and engagement
• What incumbents can learn and apply from the success of D2C brands
• The Amazon approach: how to stand out with brand presence and creativity


Tony Holdway, Chief marketing officer, Dreams
Ella D’Amato, Chief marketing officer, notonthehighstreet.com



Going behind the scenes of a new client-agency model

      • Bringing media capability in-house: learnings to date
      • The beauty tech lab: shared client-agency model
      • Coders, data analytics and strategists: what are the hottest new skill sets in media?

Gayle Noah, Media director, L’Oreal


The business case for a diverse and inclusive workforce

  • More than just a tick-box exercise: what are the benefits of an inclusive workplace?
  • How can we overcome both perceived and real barriers for implementing change?
  • Taking ownership: practical strategies to nurture an inclusive culture at work to drive creativity and growth

Sue Unerman, Chief transformation officer, MediaCom

Dino Myers-Lamptey, Founder, The Barber Shop

Adrian Walcott, Co-founder, BAME2020



Pitch battle



Chair’s closing remarks



Close of conference